Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you?

-Psalm 85:6


When some of us hear the word revival, we think of an event that only happens in a church. We grew up where revival meant a week of Spirit-filled worship and dynamic preaching.  Sometimes it even happened in a tent. Yes, this is one kind of revival, and throughout history, God has used it to restore His church. But there is another kind of personal revival the Psalmist is talking about in Psalm 85.  This kind of restoration is a profound move of God designed to reawaken and renew our desire for a more intimate relationship with Him. He uses this kind of revival to remind us that more than anything He Loves us, and his grace and mercy have no limits.   He brings it to open our hearts for His people, and He sends it to help us personally understand that we were uniquely created on purpose for a purpose. Personal revival begins the moment we fervently invite God into every aspect of our lives. Today, Let’s embrace this season of prayer and ask our gracious Heavenly Father to bring revival to our world, our city, our church and our lives. 


Father God, help us to seek you more profoundly and renew our passion for Your house and Your people. Make us conscious of Your presence, and help us to abide in You moment by moment.  Teach us to turn to you in joyful obedience.  Lord today, would you please bring revival to our world, our city, our church, and our lives. 

Chase Kennedy